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4WD and Lord of the Rings Safaris around Queenstown:

These pages have some of Queenstown's best activities & tours:

Nomad's Lord of the Rings country tea. Tour out-back Queenstown by four wheel drive. (4WD) Amongst other things, Nomad Safaris travel along the spectacular historic Skippers Road featuring one of the old Skippers Canyon Bungy Bridges and on to the old gold mining ghost town of Skippers. What an adventure!


Many years before the Queenstown reputation spread as an adventure resort, early settlers were drawn to this region by the lure of gold and the sheer rugged beauty of the country.

Even today a great deal of this mountainous land remains unspoilt and uninhabited. Nomad Safaris provides the opportunity to see outback New Zealand as it was when the first pioneers set foot here.

Nomad Safari crossing a riverTheir safari-equipped 4WD vehicles can take you to areas inaccessible by normal means, no coaches, no crowds, a Nomad Safari is a true off-road adventure for those who choose not to follow the pack.

Skippers Canyon:
View of Skippers Canyon

Visitors to this area never fail to be amazed by both the man made and natural features of this unusual landscape. Following the Shotover River valley, the Skippers Road was hacked by hand through solid rock and clings to sheer cliff-sides with breathtaking drops into the river gorge below.

NOMAD SAFARIS - provide spectacular 4WD back country experiences, which encompass the best of New Zealand high country and history around the Wakatipu basin and beyond. NOMAD SAFARIS - offer unique outback sightseeing. They also go to Macetown, Arrowtown and some of the Middle Earth film locations of the Lord of the Rings in four wheel drive recreational vehicles. Gold Panning can be done at Qualmark ratedseveral locations.

Lake Vista booking staff highly recommend this company. They are Qualmark rated and all tour bookings can be made for you.

Destination Queenstown logo The canyon in Winter Gold panning with Nomad Lord of the Rings forest Canyon convoy Middle Earth Nomad Safaris

Nomad Safaris take this route, with outstanding views at every hairpin turn, across the spectacular Skippers suspension bridge built in the 1900's, to the old ghost township of Skippers .
Skippers canyonWhilst on the trip there, you have the opportunity to look through the old "restored" school house originally built in 1879 and the original Mt. Aurum homestead. ... or

The 4WD Experience:

If you've always had a hankering to get behind the wheel for a hands-on 4WD trip, then a Nomad Safaris 4WD Experience gives you the chance to take control.
4x4 self DrivePractical tuition puts you in the driving seat to really find out what these machines can do on your own 4WD adventure.

With one of their trained instructors at your side you will get maximum enjoyment whilst learning valuable off-road driving skills in the comfort and safety of "The Best 4x4xFar".

Alternatively you can opt for a tag-along safari in your own vehicle. Travelling in tandem and in radio contact with your guide vehicle, you will learn how to negotiate rough terrain whilst on a challenging tour through New Zealand back country.