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Bungy Jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand:

These pages have some of Queenstown's best activities & tours:

Bungy Jumping over the Kawarau River - Original Bungy jump site.The Kawarau Bridge. A 43 metre Bungy Jump above the Kawarau River. Situated 20 minutes from the heart of Queenstown this is the original Bungy Jump site first used in November 1988 and still one of the most popular. Many people would do their first Bungy Jump from here. Originally built to link Queenstown to Central Otago during the gold rush of the 1880's, later replaced by the larger and more modern Battling Betty Bridge in the 1960's.
The Bungy Dome The original bridge (above) fell into a state of disrepair and was deemed unsafe until Henry van Asch and A.J. Hackett applied for a one month license to use the bridge commercially for Bungy Jumping way back in 1988.

As they say; the rest is history and a piece of New Zealand heritage has been saved. A fee is paid to the Department of Conservation for every Bungy jump by A.J. Hackett Bungy to maintain the site.

The Kawarau Bungy Centre above (click to enlarge) opened in December 2003, marking a new phase for the Kawarau Bridge site . This ecologically designed building has been created in harmony with the unique landscape of the region and includes merchandise, cafe, interactive and interpretive areas. Radically improved viewing areas also highlight the historic bridge and the jumpers.

The Bungy Dome multi-media experience, located inside the Kawarau Bungy Centre, expands the Bungy experience for both spectators and jumpers, taking viewers through the emotional and intellectual journey of the jump.

The Secrets of Bungy Tours:

The Secrets of Bungy Tour Enter the exhilarating world of Bungy without your feet leaving the ground, with the Secrets of Bungy Tour, the worlds only behind the scenes guided journey onto the phenomenon that is Bungy. See an inspiring and humorous portrayal of the antics of the Bungy pioneers. Touch and play with the Bungy Cords and learn the secrets that make AJ Hackett Bungy world class leaders in personal challenge, fun and adventure.

Destination Queenstown logo Jumping from the Kawarau Bridge View of Kawarau Bridge Secrets of Bungy tour

In addition to the original Kawarau site, Bungy jumps and Swing can be made at three other sites around Queenstown. Click any photos below for enlargement.

Ledge Swing  - 47 metres

The Ledge Swing

Operates from the Ledge Bungy site, high above Queenstown, The Ledge Swing site is accessed by Skyline Gondola. The views are breathtaking and year round you have the choice of swinging by day or by night till 9.00pm. After being strapped into a full body harness & lowered into position you pull the self release cord! A free-falling sensation engulfs your body ... then the ropes kick-in sending you on a huge arc through the air. Simply the most exhilarating way to view Queenstown.

Nevis High Wire - 134 metres

The Nevis bungy

Want to try the latest Bungy sensation, The Nevis High-wire Bungy 134 metres high, (440 feet). Purpose designed and built purely for Bungy jumping with 30 different patents this award winning structure has to be seen to be believed. The jump pod is suspended by high-tension wires that span 380 metres across The Nevis River. Access is by cable car for jumps & spectators alike.

Ledge Bungy - 47 metres

The Ledge Bungy

Purpose built to provide the maximum rush. High above Queenstown, The Ledge Bungy site is accessed by Skyline Gondola. The views are breathtaking and year round you have the choice of jumping by day or by night till around 9.00pm.