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Shotover Jet Boating, Queenstown New Zealand:

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Thrill therapy logo Shotover Jet - the world's most exciting jet boat ride and the only company permitted to operate jet boats in the spectacular Shotover River canyons near Queenstown. This would have to be one of the most adrenaline action adventure activities. Thrill the stresses from your system with a natural ballistic medicine - fuel up on adrenaline, bathe in the thrills & euphoria and put your body back in balance with a natural high!
Shotover trip map. Shotover Jets have been prescribing world famous thrill therapy on the Shotover River in Queenstown since 1970! however, they are very safety conscious. Their highly trained drivers know the fast flowing waters of the Shotover River like the back of their hand. Their 'driving hours' are way in excess of the minimum standards required to carry passengers on the Shotover (in fact, they complete at least 120 hours of driving on the Shotover river before they take their first customer).

Shotover Jet operates 365 days of the year, weather and river conditions permitting. Your safety is something they take very seriously. Shotover Thrill Therapy is fun precisely because you are in good hands. Life jackets are mandatory and supplied by the company. Optional splash coats are also provided. In winter, gloves, hats and warm clothing are recommended. In winter months hand rails on board your jet boat are heated for passenger comfort. Reservations are essential through our guest services staff at Lake Vista Bed and Breakfast.

Destination Queenstown logo Shotover Jet Boat at speed Shotover Jet Boat at speed Shotover Jet Boat at speed Shotover Jet Boat at speed Jet Boat spin Jet Boat spin

Click Map on left for larger view of where Shotover Jet run.

Professional photographers will capture your Shotover Jet experience and photographs will be available soon after your trip for a 'no obligation' viewing. Cameras are welcome aboard Shotover Jet at owners' risk. For safety reasons video cameras are not permitted aboard jet boats.

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